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Cher usager de easyres.com

Nous vous présentons nos excuses que les conditions d´utilisation suivantes sont rédigées seulement en allemand et anglais. Ne que la législation allemande s´applique ici. Nous vous prions de lire ces conditions d´utilisation qui sont valable en tout cas même si vous les ignoriez.

1. Contracting Parties and Liability

Legal relations as a result of your reservation request and/or booking are merely created by and between you and the selected supplier/hotel. Hereby, easyres.com acts only as electronic carrier of the message. The operator of easyres.com is no contracting party of the contract coming into effect and therefore not liable for any rights and duties arising therefrom. The content of the binding electronically transmitted booking confirmation is decisive with respect to the contract concluded between you and your supplier/hotel. In any discrepancies between any offer and booking confirmation, please contact the respective supplier/hotel. All details forming the basis of data are collected and distributed with extraordinary diligence. In case of slightly negligent violations, easyres.com shall not be held liable for those violations. Information about e.g. the lodging establishment always originate from the provider of the respective service promoted in easyres.com. Thus, easyres.com shall not be held liable for any information provided by the supplier/hotel. This shall also apply for the non-binding self-assessment (e.g. category of a hotel etc.) In line with the likewise technical availability of this Internet platform nothing but the contact between the user and the supplier/hotel is mediated. Furthermore, easyres.com is not able to provide any information about passport, visa, customs or health regulations.

2. Arrival Time

As a rule, your contracting party will provide the booked service (e.g. guest room) until 6 p.m. local time at the place of fulfilment. In case you shall call upon your service (e.g. arrive) at a later time, please inform the supplier/hotel in time as otherwise you are not entitled to be accommodated. If you make your credit card number available to your contracting party for payment or guarantee purposes of your booking, the supplier/hotel usually guarantees the availability of the booked room even after 6 p.m. local property time but within the hours of reception.

3. Cancellation Regulations

Please cancel your booking by using your booking number and access code, either via easyres.com or directly at the supplier/hotel which is recommendable in case of a short-term cancellation. Furthermore, we ask you to keep in mind that in case of no show or delayed cancellation the supplier/hotel is authorized to charge a refund up to 100%. This can be avoided by cancelling in time.

4. Payment Regulations

The amount payable for the required service is communicated by the supplier/hotel during the reservation process and is indicated on his behalf for the selected travel dates. You will pay the booked service directly at the supplier/hotel. Please note that there may arise additional costs for e.g. taxes, visitor´s tax, service charges etc. The service of easyres.com is free of charge for our users.

5. Fraudulent Use

Fraudulent behaviour on part of the user might be pay to dear. To facilitate the prosecution of fraudulent bookings, a number of details of our user’s Internet connection, e.g. IP number, are stored for a specified period and distributed in case of a verified legitimate interest. For further details, please see our Privacy Policy.

6. Governing Law

The operator of the Internet platform easyres.com shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany. Place of jurisdiction shall be Bonn.

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